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Total House Organization


We are a non-governmental organization founded in the Greater Accra region on 9th January 2016. Our aim is to help alleviate poverty, improve resource efficiency and reduce fashion pollution in Ghana and the rest of Africa.

THO provides basic needs such as food and clothing to deprived communities as well as structured talks to empower women and children while creating awareness for the various towns and villages.

We stand against fashion pollution, so we ensure that used clothes do not go waste but are recycled and cleaned up for communities that need them.


To contribute to the social welfare of people in Ghanaian communities. THO visualizes a society where poverty is alien to the citizen.

A society where recycling is prioritized and wastage is minimal. We ensure that women and children are empowered to study and work to contribute to the positive growth of their society. 

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We scout for less deprived communities within all the sixteen regions in Ghana and provide the necessary resources that will help alleviate poverty and improve on the community’s condition. Clothing and food should be accessible by everyone yet some communities don’t have due to poverty.

One of our goals ties in with SDGs Goal 1 (No Poverty) on alleviating poverty. Our team provides clothing, food and health screening for all the members within a selected community as well as educational and health talks to empower the women and children in that region.

We also educate citizens on the importance of saving their clothes for other use and encourage them to send it to our organization if they cannot find any use for them. THO’s aim is to help communities in need in a sustainable way by ensuring sustainable consumption and production patterns which falls under SDGs Goal 12.




We are determined to strategically meet every goal set and work efficiently to satisfy the needs of the people we reach out to as well as our stakeholders.